How long will the construction take? 36 months upon approval of the alterations project.

When will the construction begin? Last trimester of 2021

When will the construction finish? Last trimester of 2024

Who will perform the construction? The company Constarte Construções SA. The group Constarte, with its origins dating before 1974, has over 50 years of experience alongside a qualified technical structure for luxury construction and high-quality services.

How long does the reservation period last for clients in private sale? 60 days.

How do I proceed with the reservation? In this stage, the reservation form (Attachment A1) should be filled in as well as the bank transfer corresponding to 10.000 EUR to the IBAN PT50 0018 0003 1324 4835 02069. The payment receipt needs to be sent to the email:

What are the terms of payment? 20% of the respective unit value, the signature of the Promissory Sale and Purchase and Purchase Agreement (PSPA) as well as the terms agreed on said contract.

What happens to the 10.000 EUR reservation with the signing of the PSPA? With the signing of the PSPA, the reservation fee will be converted as downpayment. The client should pay the remaining for the 20% of the unit’s value.

What is the date for the signing of the PSPA? After the 60 days of the private sale stage, the signing of the PSPA will take place in the following 8 days.

What is the value of the condominium? Has not yet been determined due to the very early stage of the construction. However, according to accumulated experience, the expectation indicates towards a value that will fit the average market value for constructions with similar characteristics.

How much is the Tax (IMI) value? The tax value will be generated according to the value established by Lisbon City Hall wich is determined annually over the value of the unit.

Can I benefit from the concierge service upon purchasing the apartment? The construction offers a concierge service for the clients interested in contracting. This will be adapted according to the necessities of each client upon agreement of a value determined casuistically.

Who will run the Gym and Spa? Both facilities will be run by the condominium administration.

Can I purchase my apartment already furnished? The Majestic Residence has a strategic partnership in the inner decoration area. The client can request a proposal for the supply of furniture according to the 2 options available.

If you need further information regarding the special prices associated to the reservation phase we are pleased to schedule a meeting according to your availability.



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