1.1 Cookies compose a tool used by Web services to store and retrieve information about its visitors. They are not more than a text file of which some servers ask our browsing system to write in our hard drive, the information of which we were doing in the pages. They possess a lapse date that may vary with the time each session takes and a specific future date of which they stop being functional.

1.2 Majestic uses cookies to facilitate the browsing experience in your Portal and to obtain a more efficient and personalized service that is offered to our users.

1.3 The cookies present at the portal are solely associated to an anonymous user and its respective computer, not allowing connections to infer the first and last names of the user and cannot read the data present in the hard drive, nor include viruses in the user’s profiles. For the same reason, the portal cannot read the cookies installed in the hard drive of the user through other servers.

1.4 The cookies used in the portal are split into two types: Session Cookies and Persistent Cookies.

1.5 The Session Cookies do not store in the user’s computer; disappear at the end of the session Within this group we include: Online services for the Majestic clients; Access to promotions and exclusive contests for registered users; Publication of messages in the forums; Download of personal pictures; Newsletter subscriptions and SMS alerts; Purchase of products/services in the portal window

1.6 Persistent Cookies have an expiry date that can be extended, remained stored in the user’s computer database after the session has finished. The Persistent Cookies used in the portal have multiple goals:

User Preferences: Store information about the users preferred country and language in order to show appropriate content relating to the user´s profile.

Informational or advertising messages: store the number of times that a certain message (usually news in the Portal) is shown to a user.

Portal recurrence analysis: generate an identifier (32-character sequence) for each user and remains anonymous to each computer. In most Portal visits, the user does not have access to a secure zone where he needs to identify himself and the IP (Internet Protocol) address from which he establishes his connection to the portal where it can be shared. The identification of the user in order to maintain his anonymity is not possible without resorting to this type of cookies.

1.7 The user can freely decide about the instalment or not of his hard drive of the cookies used in In this way, the user can configure his own browsing program so that, by default, accepting or rejecting all cookies, receive a screen alert whenever a cookie is received, and decide in that moment its implantation in the hard drive or not. For this matter, we suggest the inquiry of your own browsing program to further acknowledge how to change the predefined configurations.

1.8 The user can browse the Portal even when installing his own browsing program to reject all cookies, or even when the user has a predefined cookie rejection to the, having as the only inconvenient, not being able to enjoy the functionalities of the Portal that require some of their installation, which means, the functions indicated in the Session Cookies. In any case, the user can, at any moment, delete all cookies of the portal implanted in its hard drive following the establishment procedure in the help section of your browsing program.