The variety and convenience of services provided by the Majestic Residence condominium along with the facilities that surround it, provided you with all the practicalities you need to live the dream.

On a daily basis the Concierge service will deal with all practical issues and daily occurrences, from the simplest to the most complex, so you can focus on what is most important, including your leisure time.

Hiring a maid, finding a plumber or employing a babysitter will no longer be concerns. Use your concierge to book a flight or schedule a doctor’s visit. And when you need tickets and reservations for the best shows and restaurants in town, the touch will make all the difference.
Everything at the Majestic Residence is designed for you to enjoy life in the most balanced way. Without having to miss your daily workout, without giving up on a refreshing dip or that well-deserved down time at the SPA. Aware that children will also have time and space for learning and fun.

Taking time out or hanging out with friends at the outdoor lounge or in the games room, there will always be reasons to feel good, making the most of every day, which beyond being special, will be entirely your own.